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Brooke takes Mouth to a strip club, Mouth is thrilled and tells Brooke he has never really seen a naked woman this close up, she then decides to let Mouth see one even closer up and leads him to a different room. Tim arrives at Deb's very excited about the night ahead of him.As he walks in, Deb calls him up to the bathroom saying she is in the bath."To Wish Impossible Things" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of One Tree Hill and the 18th produced episode of the series. Lucas, Nathan and Jake are auctioned off to the highest bidder in the annual "Boy Toy" charity auction and the night leads to surprising developments with old flames.Meanwhile, having missed out on the auction, Brooke ends up with Mouth and gives him the night of his life.Taking this as a hint, Tim strips down to his underwear and walks in on Deb cleaning the bath.Deb screams in shock as Tim makes a run for the door.

Haley bids her money on Lucas and wins him even though she has to tuck into her cafe savings. Loving the attention from the crowd, Nathan ends up shirtless as all the girls scream at him.At the cafe, Karen is visited by Larry Sawyer, he invites her round for dinner, and Karen accepts. Brooke cancels Mouth and her's night and Mouth is very disappointed, he persuades her other wise and Brooke agrees she will take him to one place.On the way out of the auction, Brooke is trying to trade Mouth for someone else as Deb tells Tim to go and get changed because he is going to need a shower after working for Deb, not realizing Deb is talking about chores, Tim thinks they are going to sleep together and rushes home happy. Nathan and Peyton leave together both not expecting to enjoy the night ahead of them, whereas it is a different story for Lucas and Haley who are excited to spend the night together.It's the night of the annual Boy Toy Auction at Tree Hill Highschool.Girls bid for the boys to spend the night with them and all the money goes to charity, not forgetting the midnight kiss that all the boys have to give their date when the night is over.

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As Mouth takes up all the wires, a girl bids on him.

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