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It may be a figure of a person, animal or inanimate object.

The term may be extended to include similar items made of materials other than paper, such as plastic, cloth or wood.

The years slip away with lightning speed, and such a find awakens childhood with all its simplicities and joys.

This jointed jumping-jack figure, a cross between puppet and paper doll, was made to satirize nobility.These are hand-painted figures and costumes created for the entertainment of wealthy adults.They may have been done by a dressmaker to show current fashions or done as satirical, sociopolitical illustrations of popular figures of the day.It can be an inexpensive pastime that requires little storage space, or it can grow into a hobby as extensive as collecting antique dolls.And best of all, it is an activity you can share with children of today, teaching them manual dexterity, history, fashion and art while you have great fun together.

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