Dating remington cartridge boxes

5.45×39 is a great example of how Cold War Arms Race stimulated new arms development that otherwise would have been put-off indefinitely.

By the end of 1959 Soviet engineers had at their disposal two experimental 5.56 cartridges (that later would become known as M193).This was the result of the length and shape of 3.56 gram M193 bullet, as well as the twist rate that was employed.Further ballistics analysis of the American bullet, it’s construction as well as penetration capability and lethality failed to render straightforward, satisfactory conclusions.This is Part 1 on a two-part article on the 5.45x39mm cartridge.Both articles contain information virtually unknown in the West.

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If there is sufficient interest in this topic, we will be able to translate Part 2 of this article as a follow up, so give us a shout in the comments if you like content like this!

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