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Daniel Williams, senior fraud specialist with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, said these types of scams are executed by massive crime syndicates that extend beyond international borders and can sometimes involve courting victims for months at a time on “an industrial scale.”He said Couros’s response was appropriate, as the more information circulating, the better chances are people will get informed as individuals across the globe may be affected.“You may find that the same face shows up with 45 different personas, some of them speaking Italian, some of them speaking Greek …

It was nice helping people get their lives back together from all of their losses after the fires. I love snowmobiling, down hill skiing, fishing, camping, hiking and having lots of fun. I've been single for 2 years after a relationship of 5 years ended. I've been in the pen now for 10 years serving a life sentence. I will respond to all and I will respect your privacy. Hello, my name is Christopher Houle and I am a Native, 27 years old and have been in prison for almost 9 years.

Now, he’s started a website to provide potential victims answers in hopes of helping them understand the scenario.

He hopes the site brings attention to the fact people have been using his information falsely, while educating people about these types of online fraud.

I'm looking for someone short in height, between the ages of 20 and 30 who is open minded, honest and not a game player. I'm interested in being in a relationship again but I also welcome friendships. I like a lady that's intelligent, loyal, ambitious and likes to have fun, laugh and enjoy life. I'm 5'9", weigh 250 lbs and covered in tattoo's from head to toe. Able to transfer to any Maximum Security prison in Canada once my security is lowered from Super-Maximum. I'm about 6'4" with long hair reaching past the middle of my back (when not braided).

I'm a real person that's passionate and brings meaning and value to friendships and relationships. I really enjoy watching movies, playing sports and listening to all types of music. I don't like drugs or tattoos and have no bad habits or diseases. Slim build at 205 lbs, I play basketball and work out.

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First, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude for the privilege of using this most kind and gracious site. Sincerely, Justin Kyle White I was tentative about reaching out because I thought I couldn't offer much and doubted anyone could look past my reputation to the see the human being. I was raised by a single mother so as big of a soldier as I can be, I still have a soft spot and I'm looking for someone who I can share my strengths and love with. So I'm 100% familiar with the Canadian lifestyle to say the least. I am a 27 year old proud Cree Nation who was born and raised in Frog Lake, Alberta. Chemistry and mathematics are my new found interests and hobby. "Yes" I'm looking forward to meeting new people with common interests and are full of character and charm!!

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