Who is chen qiao en dating dating pangalan ng north korea

At a Le Saunda footwear event in Shenzhen on Saturday, March 23, Louis was pressed by reporters to comment on the dating rumors.

Louis seemed prepared for the questions and responded calmly. I have always been low-profile regarding my love life. ”In the past, Louis would usually deflect a rumor by stating, “It is not the truth.” Since he did not give his usual response, fans are speculating that there may be some truth to Louis and Joe’s rumored relationship.

The 37 year-old was recently spotted meeting up with Chinese actor Wang Kai’s parents at a hotel in Wuhan, China, along with her own parents, which left fans wondering if the two families met up to discuss about wedding plans between Joe and Wang Kai.

It was said that the actress seemed close to Wang Kai’s mother as they held hands and were casual with their interactions.

I think this is media play to boost their drama "Stay With Me".

I remember she said she wanted s.o like Wang Kai to be her son-in-law.

This time the dating rumor stems from Chen Qiao En being spotting in Wang Kai’s hometown city of Wuhan with her parents, and being escorted around town by Wang Kai’s parents.

“A crab that fell suddenly from the sky, strange and domineering, clutching the head and poking the eyes.

It teaches you that some things should be looked at silently, and then securely stashed into your heart. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Fans believed that the crab symbolizes the rumors, and that while Joe feels that being with Louis requires hard work, the challenges only made their relationship stronger than ever. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

Louis and Joe’s relationship turned sour recently when Louis’s friend Sandra Ng (吳君如) publicly revealed that she had tried to set up Louis with Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen (陳妍希).

Joe was angry that she was kept in the dark about their meal dates, and reportedly flew to the United States to mend her broken heart.

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It is rumoured that both visited their parents in Wuhan but Wang Kai clarified: "She is working there and wants to visit my parent as well."Hence, my parents became her tour guides who bring her to eat and shop around.

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