Why dna compromised radiometric dating

Many fallible assumptions underlie these dating methods.

Numerous discussions on this website (including technical articles in our free on-line Answers Research Journal) discuss these. Jason Lisle has pointed out, big bang cosmology has its own distant starlight problem.

In fact, stumbling blocks to faith arise when people see Christians resort to theological gymnastics to force billions of years into the Bible, making a mockery of the Bible from its beginning.

Jesus—by whom all things were created and who is “).

However, we maintain that circular reasoning does not gain credibility just because it is piled atop more circular reasoning.

Given the implicit long-age background evident in the CRJ’s anti-evolution and theological articles, what position does the magazine formally take on the age of the earth?Surely the catastrophic historical global Flood qualified as an “earthly thing” on which Christ’s word was trustworthy.Summing up his acceptance of an old-earth position, the CRI president wrote the following: Finally, science points to realities such as background radiation, radioactive decay, entropy, star ages, and white dwarf stars as proof positive that the universe is billions of years old.Though it claims to prepare readers with “well-reasoned answers,” this apologetics magazine itself is unbalanced in its treatment of the issues.More importantly, it undermines biblical authority, erecting stumbling blocks to faith.

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Only one of the featured authors takes an unequivocal young earth position—Dr. “Grand Canyon, Creation, and the Global Flood” by Dr.

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