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Fort Mc Murray, which a friend and I once joked about as a destination for sex tourism.But does the fact that there are more men than women there actually mean I’ll find one who’s right for me? *** The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, which encompasses Fort Mac, has seen its population more than double from 2000 to 2012, for reasons that are—if we’re being honest here—distressing, considering the huge environmental and human health costs of extracting oil.Montreal and Winnipeg ring in at 50.8 and 50.7 percent, respectively. “It’s so much easier to be a single guy than a single girl in Toronto,” says Chris. Chris and James work in banking, but the same pattern abides among the so-called sensitive types: writers, artists, people with humanities degrees, 64.9 percent of whom are female.“I get away with so many things that I probably shouldn’t get away with.” By now, three women, a little more done up than Lindsey, Laura and Michelle, have encircled Greg, delivering hugs and shots. After Earls, we head to the hipper Dundas West strip.There are lots of young families, and people who grew up there have the confidence you get being from somewhere everyone moves to. From my preliminary interviews, the men in Fort Mac sounded a bit like the women in Toronto: they put up with bullshit, they lower their standards, they bury themselves in work.“The dating scene is horrible out here,” says Jamie, a 27-year-old from Newmarket, Ont., who has worked in the oil patch for six years. They want to know what you’re making, and if you’re not making enough, they’re cheating on you with some other guy who is.” “A phenomenon I see here that I don’t see anywhere else is the volume of guys eating nice dinners by themselves,” says Liz, a 26-year-old yoga instructor from Ottawa.

As last call encroaches, we finally get hit on: a man invites us to admire his attractive wingman, pointing out that his own face resembles that of “a toilet salesman”; a soused Australian button­holes me by the bar and, without so much as offering me a drink, asks whose bed we’re off to. I once believed that if I kept becoming a better and more accomplished person, I would at least find the mate I deserved; at best, I’d have my pick of cute, funny guys for a lifetime or a month or a night, which, to be fair, is the subtext of every teen movie I’ve ever seen.

The stereotypical Fort Mac story goes something like this: young man from Ontario or Newfoundland heads west, makes 0,000 a year and blows it all on toys (trucks, quads), blow (which exits the system faster than weed, making it prudent in the face of on-site drug testing) and women. But more are there to pay off debts and save for the future.

The city is somewhat diverse, and since there’s not much going on, individuals from different backgrounds seem to actually associate with one another.

“He said, ‘It’s funny, because you’re like the man in our relationship, and I’m like the woman.

I want to settle down, and you just want to have sex and be my friend.’ Well, yeah.” Lisa, 30, moved from Toronto to Fort Mac for a guy she met on Tumblr.

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